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Tom Hiddleston is by far one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met. I caught him while he was walking out of his trailer eating a “chocolate biscuit, my reward for the day” as he put it. I apologized profusely when I started talking to him and he started mumbling back cookie crumbs. Told him to finish but he said “No! No! Get over here!” He had chocolate on his hand and didn’t want to get it on me so when he started to reach for my shoulder, he remembered and then started furiously wiping his hand on his thigh to wipe it off. (yeah, I wish I had video too) You can see the other half of his biscuit in his open hand. We ended up talking for like 5 minutes about NY and London and how much he enjoyed shooting the movie (he wrapped today and will apparently stay in NYC for another week to “hang out, relax and see the sights”).

BTW, he still had his Loki effed-up face makeup on and I commented that he looked “really badass” and he started cracking up :D”

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A music video for GTA 5. I posted it on Youtube earlier, but due to the ignorant copyright system, it got blocked in all countries and I had to remove it. So sorry to those people who can’t view it on here due to lag or something. 

Anywho, enjoy!

GTA 5 © Rockstar Games

"Sleepwalking" © The Chain Gang of 1974

Since I’m now in the GTA V fandom, I’d figure I’d repost the music video I made for this game as a reminder that a crazy person has just arrived into this fandom. 

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